Has any organization suffered from having too many leads?  Not likley.  Yet most of the tactics used to generate leads today either take too long relative to the realistic sales cycle or yield too few qualified leads. Marketing’s efforts typically include content creation and SEO, solid tactics but take long to have an impact.  Another popular tactic, PPC can be effective, but frequently returns a poor ROI for qualified leads.  Filling the funnel with enough qualified leads is every business development executive’s biggest pain point.

YesData directly addresses these common issues faced by business development executives:

  • • More.  Ability to search targeted business leads from over 17 million contacts database that is updated monthly   
  • • Faster. Leads delivered directly into a CRM greatly improves efficiency and timeliness to close
  • • Better.  Improve stagnant databases by cleaning data with up to date contact information

YesData’s sales prospecting tools make it simple to search for targeted business leads, get contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. Fuel your lead generation program with data on more that 5 million companies with 17 million contacts.


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