It’s the end of the month and all the department heads are meeting.  This is the meeting you dread: Time to defend sales performance and share the projected pipeline. This can be a tense and sometimes difficult meeting.  Without question, you can ease and even control the tenor of these meetings by leveraging YesData’s unique business lead database.  With access to data culled from the most used and trusted business social media sources, you can confidently address the areas of most concern: Number of qualified new business leads, sales pipeline and close ratios.

If you are in sales management, leveraging YesData’s platform eases your most difficult pain points:

  • • Overall revenue goals
  • • Size of pipeline
  • • Number of qualified leads
  • • Close ratios

Use YesData to target new business leads, get contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. Fuel your lead generation program with data on more that 5 million companies with 17 million contacts.




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