Marketing automation is an automated B2B sales funnel fueled by content. This technology delivers the right content at the most appropriate time in the buyer’s lifecycle.  Marketers are investing heavily in content to fill the funnel, but this process requires time and patience.  Yet sales always needs qualified leads faster.  YesData compresses the time to get leads into the marketing automation funnel and earn higher ROI on content investments.

How does this work?  By leveraging YesData’s targeted leads (particularly title, industry and email) and emailing helpful “top of the funnel” content.  This content needs to be well written and address your targeted buyer’s pain points.  Gate this content on a landing page with a follow up with an email marketing automation campaign that moves the lead further down the funnel (marketing qualified).  The key is to avoid a pure sales message when first engaging the leads from YesData.

What YesData provides marketers using marketing automation:

  • • Higher return on content investment
  • • Leads moving towards qualified status faster
  • • Scalability to match the ongoing needs from the sales 

YesData makes it simple to search for targeted business leads, get contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. Fuel your marketing automation program with data on more that 5 million companies with 17 million contacts.


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