Inchworm automates profile visits and
builds customized databases.


Inchworm is an innovative automation tool that allows you to visit hundreds of profiles each day and save the details to a CSV file.  Inchworm works seamlessly within LinkedIn and the YesData platform. This combination is unique because YesData’s ability to append actionable information to viewed profiles allows you the opportunity to reach out directly. We’ll give you an Inch, how far you take it is up to you.

Automate Network Building

With just a few clicks, Inchworm allows you to automate your LinkedIn marketing and network building by visiting profiles that you select. This, in turn, increases visits to your profile, allowing you to easily make more new connections. The details of these automated visits can then be exported and viewed in a CSV file. In addition, YesData can append email, phone, address, etc. to viewed profile details and create customized prospecting database. Inchworm is the easiest most cost effective way to leverage the depth and breadth of the LinkedIn network

Increase Profile Visits

Inchworm helps you build a strong network of LinkedIn connections.  The simple act of visiting relevant profiles drives visits to your profile, organically increasing brand awareness and connections. More than 40% of LinkedIn users check their recent visitors and will view the profile of their visitors. If your business is relevant, they are likely to send you a connection request.

Create a Custom Database

Our platform delivers data directly into your workflow allowing you to simply create a custom database. Whether you’re focused on verifying new partners, capitalizing on your social media contacts, or reviving an old contact list, Inchworm and YesData give you the information you need to be decisive and effective. That information can transform the way your team sells. This level of industry intelligence can be broken down even further since you can search by company profile, or title and then connect with those contacts on LinkedIn. We’re here to help identify the best prospects for your business.